Brad is older
April 11, 2005

Brad turned 26 last week, and invited "the guys" to Quadra island for a camping getaway. We thought ahead and got reservations for the 5pm ferry from Horseshoe Bay, and arrived at 4:20 only to be put in the Langdale lane, and end up with an incompetant cashier named Irene. She failed to give us the 5 minute grace period on our reservation, and wouldn't acknowledge that we had waited more than 10 minutes in the wrong lane as the result of a highway worker's mistake. After a lot of arguing we ended up missing our ferry. I ended up talking with the terminal supervisor for about 15 minutes, and we were given a full refund. We got to Quadra on the last ferry and scared the heck out of Adrock by coasting down to the cabin with the lights off, and creeping up to the porch of the cabin. It was a really good, relaxing trip, and there were no casualties other than Adrock falling in the ocean, and Speedo's passenger side door being ripped halfway off. Skarb has posted some pictures here


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