April 5, 2005

I'm not sure if its the Vancouver gas companies trying to gouge us, or if the Abbotsford gas stations are losing bundles of money, but gas prices are VERY different. When Dayna goes to class she is filling up for ~70 cents a litre. On my way to work today I saw that gas prices in Vancouver have hit 102.7. The gas station actually had to wedge a fourth number in there because the prices were so high. I'm just glad I drive a Jetta and not a huge SUV. People who have SUVs really must love driving them because I can't imagine filling with $60+ in gas 2 or 3 times a week.

I remember back in the good old days when a high gas price was 49.9. I'm wondering how long it will take (or high the prices have to go) before North Americans follows the European trend and people start moving towards smaller cars. On a related note speedo sent me a link to a new craze, SMART car tipping. I guess cows don't cut it anymore.


Ah, gas prices... my GM Sierra sucks back $80 a week @ 99.9/L... and all I do is commute back and forth from Lady to Nanaimo... bring on the electrics.


Posted by: Corey at April 22, 2005 1:07 PM
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