Back in the sun, Rio!
May 27, 2005

We are on the last leg of our trip, we are at the Mellow Yellow on Copacabana. So far Brazil is completely amazing. We have had a patch of bad weather, but we are back in the sun. We just arrived in Rio, and are very excited to see the sites. Rio is very dangerous, we have run into a number of people that have been mugged. We are leaving everything at home, and only taking my camera out on the streets. It has been really nice to be away from the internet for a little bit, we were on Ihla Grande and it was much too expensive. Before that we were in Sao Paulo which is the third largest city in the world. 19 Million people. We stayed at Dayna's friends house that she met off Orkut, that was kind of neat. We also went out for a day with her friend Chrissy's friend who lives down here. We had to cut both stays short, because we are lacking on time. Next trip will have to be longer :) Have to be quick, but we are alive, things are going great, and we are somewhat excited to come home.


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