Gorgeous Brazil!
May 14, 2005

We have arrived in sunny sunny Brazil. I can not write much because Dayna hogged all the minutes, but I will try anyways. The sun is shining and it is about 25 degrees even at 10pm here.. so nice. We went to the beach today, and on the way met 2 Canadians who said we are the first Canadians they have met in their 10 month Rotary exchange in Brazil. We hungout with them and their friend Joleen from NY all day and are going out tonight with them. Paul is from Cortez Island and Erin is from Nova Scotia. The beaches here are amazing, this island has 47 (I think) different beaches and they are all drastically different. Different sand, different views, etc. Pretty crazy for an island that is only 50 kms long. I shaved today, Dayna said I was starting to creep her out.. Anyways, hope all is well back home. We are loving it in Brazil, Portugees is impossible to understand so we are back to square one.. but its fun :) Checkout Daynas Page for more!


Hi good to see your having a good time. I'm in Port Alberni working on the Tofino Hwy. See you soon Love too all!!! Dad.

Posted by: Dad at May 16, 2005 7:39 PM
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