Highs and Lows...
May 10, 2005

Yesterday was one of the best and worst days of our trip so far, we rented a Moto and cruised around Colonia del Sacramento. The city is on the coast of Uraguay, with cobble stone streets, old buildings and lots of museums. It must have been over 30 degrees, and there were only small picturesque clouds in the sky. Our hostel room was $6 per person for a room with a private bathroom, which turned out to be a very very good thing. Dayna must have come down with food poisoning, she was violently ill for most of the night. She seems to be much better this morning, and other than being dehydrated she has fully recovered. We have moved on to Montevideo.


food poising put aside (been there.. done that.. hope you're feeling better dayna), how is the food down there? eat anything interesting? bring back some recipes :)

Posted by: tom at May 12, 2005 2:05 AM
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Eating all kinds of interesting things! The food is wonderful, especially all of the fresh exotic fruit. No recipes yet, good idea tho!

Posted by: Dayna at May 15, 2005 7:07 AM
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