Uraguay by Boat
May 8, 2005

We are up early this morning so that we can catch a boat to Uraguay. Our time in Argentina has been great, and we are sad to leave, but very excited for Uraguay. We have read amazing things about it, apparently it is the Switzerland of South America. Very cheap, very clean, and very friendly people. The ballet (which turned out to be Sleeping Beauty) was very well done. The amount of tallent that teh dancers have is amazing, they spend almost three hours dancing around on just their toes. It was a bit long, but other than that it was well worth it. The theatre itself is worth the price of admission, it was beatiful. Friday we went out for a traditional Argentinian dinner. Dinner was a steak, kidneys, ribs, blood sausages (black pudding), sausages (chorizo) and a salad. It was all good, our least favorites were the blood sausages, their texture was very strange, and the kidneys kind of tasted like liver. I can not say it often enough, their steak is amazing. We have not called home in a while, and hope to do so today for Mothers Day. We actually were denied Internet access by a Cafe yesterday because we were going to use SkyPE. He wanted us to pay for long distance instead. Stupid.


Happy Mothers Day, love you Mom!


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