House Shopping
June 28, 2005

Dayna and I have been looking at condos of late. We got really excited because we found "the perfect place" and our offer had been accepted, but it was too good to be true. The strata went cheap on repairs, and the building had the potential to be a money pit. Building inspectors are your friends. We've found another place and put an offer in, we should be finding out in the next few days.

On a completely seperate note, this weekend is Canada Day, which of course means a long weekend. I'm flying solo (Dayna has to work) but there are lots of people going so it should be alright. There will probably be a fair bit less rally racing, and projectile building, but it still should be a great time, as Quadra never seems to disapoint.

Party Pictures
June 19, 2005

I have uploaded a bunch of pictures from the boat party on Friday. They are available here. If you have any good pictures you'd like to contribute please let me know and I will add them to the album. Thanks again to everyone who came, it was one of the best ones yet!

Mottiepalooza 4!
June 17, 2005

Well tonight is my 25th birthday party. For the fourth year in a row me and 39 friends are taking a 60 foot yacht out for a 4 hour cruise. It's currently raining, but I'm things will change mid afternoon. Every year has been a blast, but we've only had great weather once, on the first year.

The boat is called the Summer Sun and the captain is a good guy.

The boat has $3 drinks which ensures that everyone gets good and sloshed to prepare for late night ocean swimming..

Hope to see everyone at 7:45 tonight.

Pictures of previous years:
this was #1, pavel put on a show! -
#2, we almost had a cat scrap! (eat another burger bitch!)
and #3, mottie rescued cmac from the wild blue ocean

June 13, 2005

I spent part of Saturday and Sunday going through my pictures and getting them ready for uploading. I had to throw out most of the pictures taken by other tourists. People seem to want to have themselves centred in the picture, which cuts off 90% of the attraction behind you. Regardless, pics should be up tonight. For now have a look at some panoramics I took at Foz de Iguacu.

Panoramic 1 Gorgeous Picture of the falls
Panoramic 2 Dayna in the Devil's Throat
Panoramic 3 Devil's Throat

Back to Reality
June 6, 2005

Dayna and I arrived back in Vancouver on Tuesday afternoon. It's no easy task coming back from South America. It took 3 flights, and 24 hours before we were finally home. We had hoped that we would be able to wait until Monday to go back to work, but we both were at work by 8am on Thursday. It's rough to be back to working 5 days a week, but it's good to have money coming in again.

We do have 4.5 gigs of pictures to sort through, and once we're done (this week) they'll be on our websites.

This summer should be a doozie, lots of camping, bbq's and the occasional yacht party. I was kind of lax on bringing my camera with me last year, I'll be sure to take more pictures this time around.


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