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July 27, 2005

Well ultimate is in full swing. When we returned from South America I figured that it would be good to join a third team to help get back in shape. Talk about mistake! Playing Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday has made me hate ultimate. I get home from work after 10:30 on these days and my body doesn't have a chance to recover. Playoffs are here, so it will be over soon. Next year two nights is plenty!

Hockey is back as I'm sure you are all aware. This year is shaping up to be a good one for the Vancouver Canucks. Lots of rumours out there, Neidermeyer wants to play here, Forsberg wants to play with Naslund, etc. I think that the new schedule format will really help the Canucks attract new talent. Previously playing on the west coast meant a lot of long flights giving teams like New Jersey a big advantage (a lot of their flights are ~ 1 hour long, and they sleep in their own beds most nights). With the schedule there are a lot of mini series, and interconference play. Vancouver will potentially be better down the stretch as they won't have extensive travel as an excuse. Hopefully Bert is cleared, we sign all the key players, and add a couple free agents to the mix.

We take possession of the new condo on August 27, and will be moving shortly thereafter. We are significantly closer to downtown so feel free to come to watch all the televised Canucks game on the 53" big screen.

Condo Owner!
July 17, 2005

It's all up to the lawyers now, we've bought a condo! After looking at a lot of places that either were too small, had bad floor plans, leaked, or had corrupt stratas, we've finally come across one where everything checks out. It's half a block off Commercial Drive, kitty corner to a park, and is a top floor corner unit. We were primarily looking in that area as it's 10 minutes from everywhere. We're only 5 minutes from downtown and Dayna can catch a direct bus to SFU from just down the street. I can't wait to explore Commercial Drive, I've heard great things about it, but have never spent any time down there. If anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear them.

Pictures are available here!

Quadra + Condo
July 4, 2005

This past Canada Day long weekend was spent on Quadra Island. We had originally reserved tickets on the Horseshoe Bay ferry; however, the ferry crashed, and we were forced to spend 6 hours at Tsawwassen and as a result we missed the last ferry to Quadra. It actually worked out pretty well, I got to visit with my parents and grandma. Quadra was great as always. I managed to get much more drunk than normal, and am now suffering because of it.

When I got back to Vancouver our real estate agent presented our offer on a condo at Nanaimo and Broadway. It's a very quiet "fully loaded" (insuite laundry, balcony, hardwood floors, 1000 sqft, etc) two bedroom, two bathroom in a very central location with. It turns out the strata apparently had some sort of fraud occur in the last two years and a bunch of money is missing. They wanted us to close by July 31, which is way too soon, and really unusual. To make matters worse the selling couple didn't like that we had "subject to inspection" on our offer, which made us really nervous and so we withdrew our offer. I'm not going to spend that kind of money without getting the place inspected. We're getting a bit frustrated, but it's all for the best I'm sure.


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