Home Sweet Home!
August 29, 2005

Saturday and Sunday were spent moving all of our worldly possessions from North Vancouver to our new condo. With a lot of help from Dayna's parents, my boss Mike, and my "cousin" James from Ladysmith the process went very quickly. Dayna's parents loaned us their truck, so we were able to keep moving costs very low. Rather than using a moving truck we rented a trailer, and so the move was only $40.

I called Shaw after we had unpacked, only to find out that they can not hookup our internet until September 7. That's 10 days away! I'm going to have to rely on Kismet to hopefully provide us some wireless internet until then. We've got most things unpacked, so if anyone is in the neighborhood, feel free to drop by.

There are still a few outstanding issues with the previous owners, but I can hopefully work those out this week.

With no internet it will be a bit of a pain uploading pictures, but I'll do my best to get some up soon.

August 16, 2005

Dayna and I recently began packing for our big move. As many people know, the worst part about the whole process is trying to find boxes. I can gladly say that I have a solution.

Reading Slashdot last week I came across a website devoted to furniture made out of Fedex boxes. The interesting part about this website is that he built all the furniture using boxes delivered to him for free by Fedex. Yes, Fedex delivers FREE (as in Beer) shipping materials for anyone who has an account with them. To setup an account with them you only need a credit card. Their terms of service mention nothing about how you have to use the boxes. I ordered 10 25kg boxes on Friday, and Fedex started to deliver them yesterday! The boxes are "Sturdy, two-ply corrugated cardboard" and are the perfect size for moving. Fedex's rates are quite a bit higher than all of their competitors, and now I know why.


the boxes have arrived

Crazy Busy Summer
August 11, 2005

My last playoff game of ultimate last night signals a calming of the seas. Without ultimate Mon, Tues and Wed nights I will actually be home before 11pm on those days, and have a chance to chill out a little bit.

Dayna and I (mainly Dayna) have started packing for our big move August 28. I bought a leather sectional and we get to pick it up when we move, so I put my old couch for sale to avoid having to move it. So far I've been quite impressed with Craigslist. It lets you post pictures of the item for free, where Buy & Sell charges you $5 per picture. So far I've gotten around the same number of responses from both, with zero responses from van.forsale

Last Friday was the Foo Fighters concert, 6 of us were on the floor getting smashed around in the mosh pit. It was a wicked time, they put on an amazing live show and I'd highly recommend going to their concert if you get a chance. This Sunday I'm off to an outdoor (aka beer garden) Jack Johnson show which promises to be a doozie.

That's about all for now. I had a post written earlier in the week, but I must have browsed to something else before I saved it. Things could get busy again near the end of the month with Speedo leaving town and Skarb, and myself moving.

The Dirt-tionary
August 2, 2005

There were quite a few jokes on Sunday night that related to the Dirt-tionary. This is a very rude, very dirty list of sexual "positions".

I don't recommend that anyone look at it, especially if you're under the age of 21 or offend easily. It is only a very dirty joke.

That being said.. here it is

Island Weekend

Late Friday night I decided to go to Tofino with Dub and Tim V for Saturday night and Sunday. It was a spur of the moment decision and I failed to check the weather report. We got to Tofino at around 7pm to find out that Surf Junction had given away our campsite and that everywhere else was full. We finally managed to get a spot at Mussel Beach. As soon as we got our tents setup and a fire started it started to rain lightly. I was woken up at 4am by torrential downpour, and realized I was in about 2 inches of water. I ended up sleeping the rest of the night in the driver's seat of Tim's truck.

Sunday was better, we went surfing in the rain and I managed to get up on a few waves. The waves were breaking really quickly and close together so it was pretty difficult to paddle out. We were exhausted by the end of the day.

Sunday night there were fireworks for Ladysmith days, and then I went to a party at Sasha's house and had a few drinks with my brother Pete.

Dayna and I went to see Wedding Crashers last night.. hillarious.

Overall a good spontaneous long weeekend. Saw quite a few people I haven't seen in years, camped, drank, surfed, visted with my parents, spent time with Dayna and more.


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