Home Sweet Home!
August 29, 2005

Saturday and Sunday were spent moving all of our worldly possessions from North Vancouver to our new condo. With a lot of help from Dayna's parents, my boss Mike, and my "cousin" James from Ladysmith the process went very quickly. Dayna's parents loaned us their truck, so we were able to keep moving costs very low. Rather than using a moving truck we rented a trailer, and so the move was only $40.

I called Shaw after we had unpacked, only to find out that they can not hookup our internet until September 7. That's 10 days away! I'm going to have to rely on Kismet to hopefully provide us some wireless internet until then. We've got most things unpacked, so if anyone is in the neighborhood, feel free to drop by.

There are still a few outstanding issues with the previous owners, but I can hopefully work those out this week.

With no internet it will be a bit of a pain uploading pictures, but I'll do my best to get some up soon.


Congrats on the move bro. If I'm ever up north I will be sure to check it out. for your first home it's a pretty bitchin pad... enjoy getting settled in

Posted by: ewan at August 31, 2005 5:56 PM
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