August 16, 2005

Dayna and I recently began packing for our big move. As many people know, the worst part about the whole process is trying to find boxes. I can gladly say that I have a solution.

Reading Slashdot last week I came across a website devoted to furniture made out of Fedex boxes. The interesting part about this website is that he built all the furniture using boxes delivered to him for free by Fedex. Yes, Fedex delivers FREE (as in Beer) shipping materials for anyone who has an account with them. To setup an account with them you only need a credit card. Their terms of service mention nothing about how you have to use the boxes. I ordered 10 25kg boxes on Friday, and Fedex started to deliver them yesterday! The boxes are "Sturdy, two-ply corrugated cardboard" and are the perfect size for moving. Fedex's rates are quite a bit higher than all of their competitors, and now I know why.


the boxes have arrived


huccum you're shipping your books to tom, is he building up a badass library in his house?

Posted by: speedo at August 17, 2005 10:44 AM
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