Kitty Goofballs
September 29, 2005

Dayna's grey cat has had problems finding the litterbox, and seems to enjoy pissing on nice cold hardwood floors. This poses a problem, as urine is filled with things that can ruin/stain hardwood if left unnoticed. After doing a little bit of research we figured out that it's either a urinary tract infection, or a behavior problem. The problem is the vet sucks. After using a needle to take a urine sample, they told us that "there was blood in the urine, this is a prime indication of a urinary tract infection, although the blood also could be from using a needle to extract the urine". Perfect, here's your $100, thanks for nothing.

On the positive note, they prescribed a drug for the cat that will both make her happy, and relieve swelling in the urinary tract.

Final result: we now have a wonderfully happy grey cat walking around our house. If you've seen "Rescue Me", she's just like Tommy when he was bringing in lattes and polishing the rig. I can actually pet her and she doesn't hiss or scratch.

Local Sports Team
September 19, 2005

My mom, dad, aunt, and uncle made the long ferry ride over from the island on Saturday afternoon. We rented bikes and cruised around the seawall. I'd never actually been around it on bikes before, so it was pretty neat. We then split up with the guys going to the BC Lions game, and the girls going shopping on Robson.

The game was really close, and came down to the final play with the Lions winning 27-26. The Alloettes coach made a horrible decision and tried to go for a two point convert to win with 50 seconds remaining rather than go to overtime. There were 36,000 people at the game, and at points the noise was deafening.

Sunday a bunch of us went to the Vancouver Canucks intrasquad game. We managed to score some great seats in the lower bowl for $4.25, if only the regular season prices were like that! A lot of rookies are looking good, and it was great to see hockey again.

Bus Rider
September 14, 2005

I rode the bus to work today! We're no longer in North Van, so it's only one zone: $2.25. With parking floating around $10 a day, and traffic being a pain in the ass around Burrard @ Hastings it only makes sense. Gas prices aren't really a big deal, as I only have to fill up once every 2.5 weeks or so, but prices aren't going down anytime soon.

The SFU (135) bus stops 2 minutes from our place and then drops me off 2 minutes from the office. Aside from the quick walk the bus is just as fast as driving. It's a direct bus, and has very few stops between Burrard station and Commercial Drive.

I doubt that I will take the bus everyday, as I still have other contracts that require me to drive from place to place, and various other excuses, but I'm going to make an effort to take it whenever I can.

I'm still browsing Craigslist for a decent cheap bike, so hopefully there will be a "Bike Rider" post someday soon.

The Drive
September 9, 2005

Dayna and I strolled up Commercial drive last night to do some exploring and find some dinner. We ended up stopping at 'Havanas' which we later found out won the Golden Plate award for best Latin Restaurant in Vancouver. The food was really good, and pints of beer were only $3.40! Can't go wrong, especially since its only about 5 minutes from home. The walk back was a bit precarious, it was extremely windy last night, things were blowing all over the place.

On a not so positive note, Dayna just called and said about half a block from us the street is blocked off with crime scene tape, with 5 cop cars, a sheriff, tv news crews, and the CSI guys in their white suits. Hopefully it's nothing major.

Oh it's great to live in the hood!


Vancouver police are trying to figure out why a man was fatally stabbed at an East Vancouver apartment complex early Friday morning. Full Story

The Seven Minute Man
September 7, 2005

On my way to work this morning my tires sounded a bit "odd" as I drove along Water St. I thought nothing of it until I was walking towards the elevator in the parking garage and I noticed that my passenger side rear tire was flat.

I have to say that the VW flat kit is VERY well designed. I have changed a tire on this car in the past but the kit was still impressive. This time around it took me only 7 minutes to change the tire from the time I popped my trunk to the time I was driving away on my full sized spare. I realize that the only kit I can compare it to is the one that came with my old 1984 Mustang, but nonetheless I was impressed. The spare tire has the same tire as the rest of the 4 wheels, so I don't have to drive around on a doughnut, the jack is easy to position, and you don't ever have to go under the car.

I realize this isn't the most interesting news you've probably read, but it saved me a lot of hassle after work today so I'm happy.

Labour Day
September 5, 2005

This weekend worked out about as perfectly as I could have dreamt it. I worked all night Thursday, so I was able to play hookie from work on Friday. I slept 2 hours or so, and then we woke up and decided to get to the ferries as fast as possible. We were on the ferry within an hour, and enroute within another half an hour. It turns out that there were crazy ferry problems Friday morning, we were on the 12:50pm, and it was the first ferry to leave from Vancouver all day. To calm the upset vehicle traffic, that had waited 6 hours or so, all the food on the ferry was free. After a nice free meal and dessert my mom picked us up on the other side and we were off to Ruxton.

Ruxton was great as always. My mom spoilt us, feeding us great foods like steak, corn on the cob, fresh crab, and Dayna's favorite: hot dogs. I did my part by cooking mussels and oysters for everyone, they seemed to go over pretty well. My Blackberry came in handy, while the rest of my family can hardly get cellular service on the Island, I was able to google a recipe for the mussels.

On the way to the 5:10pm ferry home we came up with the bright idea to try the HarbourLynx. We scored the last two seats on the 4:30pm and were back home by 6:30pm, shaving at least an hour off our ride home.

Everything fell into place, anything that could go right did, making this weekend go without a hitch.

There's no better way to end the summer than spending time with family, with a little bit of wakeboarding, sleeping in late, great food, and a few good books.

p.s I know I haven't taken anyone out there yet, next summer, promise!

September 2, 2005

I haven't been to bed yet and it's 6:30am on a Friday morning. In the past week or so I've pulled 2.5 more all nighters than I have in the previous 6 months. Why you ask? Most recently because of Dell PowerVault. 5 minutes after my "It's Alive" posting, I checked my email, only to find that the Exchange Server was toast. Loading a server's Disk Management utility and seeing NINE drives marked as failed is a scary sight. Especially when you are in charge of implementing the Backup Policy. This morning I am praising NetBackup like you wouldn't believe. It was a long night, but it's amazing how satisfying it can be to fix things sometimes. Thankfully this happened before the long weekend, rather than during it.

It actually worked out pretty well, I was trying to figure a way out where I could sneak off early to the island. Looks like I won't have to go in to work today.

September 1, 2005

Well thanks to our good friend Mr. Netwonk out internet is alive! It pays to know people in high places (or sketchy places as it turned out). I won't go into too much detail as to avoid incriminating anyone, but the bottom line is we're online 7 days ahead of schedule.

This weekend we're headed to Ruxton Island for a much deserved weekend of relaxation, wakeboarding, and lots of fresh crab/prawns/oysters.

I completed my first "handy man" job around the house. The office (spare bedroom) backs onto the living room, and rather than use wireless to connect the XBOX I purchased new wall plates. It now has one coax connector, and one RJ45 connector. We now have internet and cable in both rooms.

Pictures of the place still to come!


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