Kitty Goofballs
September 29, 2005

Dayna's grey cat has had problems finding the litterbox, and seems to enjoy pissing on nice cold hardwood floors. This poses a problem, as urine is filled with things that can ruin/stain hardwood if left unnoticed. After doing a little bit of research we figured out that it's either a urinary tract infection, or a behavior problem. The problem is the vet sucks. After using a needle to take a urine sample, they told us that "there was blood in the urine, this is a prime indication of a urinary tract infection, although the blood also could be from using a needle to extract the urine". Perfect, here's your $100, thanks for nothing.

On the positive note, they prescribed a drug for the cat that will both make her happy, and relieve swelling in the urinary tract.

Final result: we now have a wonderfully happy grey cat walking around our house. If you've seen "Rescue Me", she's just like Tommy when he was bringing in lattes and polishing the rig. I can actually pet her and she doesn't hiss or scratch.


haha i like the rescue me reference

Posted by: skarb at October 1, 2005 8:56 PM
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