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September 19, 2005

My mom, dad, aunt, and uncle made the long ferry ride over from the island on Saturday afternoon. We rented bikes and cruised around the seawall. I'd never actually been around it on bikes before, so it was pretty neat. We then split up with the guys going to the BC Lions game, and the girls going shopping on Robson.

The game was really close, and came down to the final play with the Lions winning 27-26. The Alloettes coach made a horrible decision and tried to go for a two point convert to win with 50 seconds remaining rather than go to overtime. There were 36,000 people at the game, and at points the noise was deafening.

Sunday a bunch of us went to the Vancouver Canucks intrasquad game. We managed to score some great seats in the lower bowl for $4.25, if only the regular season prices were like that! A lot of rookies are looking good, and it was great to see hockey again.


Rookies Looking good eh! I hope your not batting for the other team now...

What's up dogg, just thought I'd drop some more random stuff as always. late...

Posted by: Ewan at September 26, 2005 10:04 PM
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