October 30, 2005

Well it's official, I'm going to Las Vegas for the American Thanksgiving. I'm working in Elko, Nevada earlier in the week, and so by paying for my flight to Vegas ($120) I end up getting a super cheap vacation out of the deal. Tom and Chad are going to fly down and meet me there. Bad danger lies ahead. It will be good to see the boys again, and hit the clubs down there. Obviously going to play some No Limit Hold'em, not a heck of a lot tho. We are either going to stay at the MGM or the Bellagio, not sure yet. As a side bonus I will be flying into Salt Lake City at least twice on my trip, so I will have plenty of time to pickup some garments from the Mormons.

In other news Dayna quit her job, which is great news. She has been taking on way too much lately (volunteering, school, field hockey, studying, etc) and so it will really help to keep her stress level down. She has a bunch of money squirreled away so she should be okay for a while.

Poker Tourney
October 23, 2005

Well after 2.5 hours of poker I'm out. I did pretty well, but didn't get the flops I would have liked. I finished in 237 Place. I was fortunate enough to not get moved off my initial table, so I had a pretty good read on a few players, but it was to no avail. I had trip aces on my last hand with a pretty good kicker (Ten) but was beat by a guy with a Queen kicker. Oh well, there were 1473 people in the tournament, so I beat over 1200 people..

I recommend
October 20, 2005

Well now that the dust has settled on the purchase of the condo I thought I would put out some recommendations as far as the people I dealt with. A number of my friends had already gone through this process, and because of this I was fortunate enough to deal with VERY talented people in all aspects of the buying process.

Mortgage Broker: Jerry Sims
Jerry was very quick to respond to all of my questions, and spent a lot of time explaining all of the ins and outs of every aspect of a mortgage. She not only got me a great rate, but also explained how to pay off the mortgage quickly, and left me flexibility at the same time. Best of all, its all free!

Real Estate Agent: Diane Luu
Diane worked her ass off. Every time I thought I had found the "perfect" place on the MLS website she had already called it, found out that it was sold, a leaky condo, or had an appointment set up. She would often send me emails after 10:00pm with new places to consider. She also explained what to look for when you're viewing a property, and went through the contract line by line with us. This is also free!

Home Inspector: Dean Kazoleas
Dean came highly recommended as well. He walked us through all of the ins and outs of the home inspection, and explained his role in the buying process. His prices were quite reasonable, and his recommendations potentially saved us from buying when we shouldn't have.

Politically Correct
October 19, 2005

It's official, the world has gone nuts. Across the US and Canada public schools and day care facilities are either banning Halloween, or changing it to "Orange and Black Day", where kids dress up soley in orange and black outfits. They apparently don't want to offend anyone by having their kids dress up as transformers, witches or firemen (er, firepeople?). Schools are also replacing their "Christmas Break" with "Winter Break" and giving detentions to kids that put Christmas decorations on the walls.

Half the fun of trick or treating was knocking on the Jehovah's Witnesses' doors.. they did it to us when we didn't want them to.

October 17, 2005

It dawned on me today as to why I dislike Fall so much. It's not because it's dark a lot, or the lack of activities, or even the weather. It's the morons who insist on using umbrellas. I do understand the reason for umbrellas, but people's decisions to use them shouldn't effect other pedestrians on the sidewalk. On my brief walk to pick up lunch today I was jabbed in the head/shoulder by at least 3 of them. The sidewalk is not wide enough for you to walk with your umbrella held at eye level while you stare at the ground infront of you. The worst is people who insist on walking underneath awnings with them, or the herd of umbrella walkers that try to force you to walk on the road. It wasn't even raining today...

Yeah, I'm grumpy. Didn't get enough sleep last night.

Less Debt!
October 15, 2005

Well after just under 3 years I've managed to pay off my car. No more large monthly payments, and one less debt to worry about. Also after running a few numbers through a mortgage calculator I've managed to come up with a new strategy that should save me at least 4 years on my mortgage. All in all a very productive day from the finance side of things.

I've read similar complaints on other people's sites but thought I would throw my thoughts into the mix. Fall pre time change is my least favorite time of year. It's rainy, it's getting cold, and getting out of bed when it's dark (or close to) is the icing on the cake. At least we have hockey this year. On that note, I've ordered the Canucks PPV package, and everyone is welcome to come on by tomorrow to watch the game.

Blogger Poker Tourney
October 12, 2005

Poker Championship

I have registered to play in the
Online Poker Blogger Championship!

This event is powered by PokerStars.

Registration code: 1593221

Hey it's free, can't hurt to give it a shot. They get free advertising on my little blog, and I get to go ALL IN on my first decent hand.

Mellow Yellow
October 5, 2005

So painting the living/dining room took a bit longer than expected. There was a lot of filling/sanding, and just when we thought we were done the first coat, we had to sand it off. I invested in a hand held orbital sander, and life is much better. I now realize why power tools were invented.

To make a long boring story short, painting is done, the walls are nice and bright, and I've uploaded pictures to my gallery.

Here's one of the pics

Google strikes again
October 4, 2005

I haven't seen a news release about this yet, it was on Google's site for a very brief period last week. is a customizable google! I typically use google the home page in my browser, so this makes my life quite a bit easier. In one static page I can read all my friends blogs, slashdot, and any other site that supports RSS.

If you like it, you can add my site by going to "Create a Section" and entering the url

I realize yahoo has had this for a while, but its only news when google does it.

Fill, Sand, repeat
October 1, 2005

I've spent a majority of my weekend so far filling and sanding. For those of you who haven't been to our new place yet, the walls are a mouldy, greeny, off-white. The colour is hideous. The previous owners not only didn't know how to pick colours, they also didn't know how to paint. They left holes all over the place, and a 5 foot long area where the drywall tape was visible below the paint. It's been a pain in the ass so far, but hopefully I'll be able to throw a coat of primer up tonight, and then Dayna and I will put up two coats of paint tomorrow.

Opening night for the NHL is on Wednesday, so it has to be done! I'm having all the loyal Canucks fans over to watch the season opener on the big screen. I think quite a few people are coming over, so if you're a serious fan feel free to join us. The more the merrier!


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