October 17, 2005

It dawned on me today as to why I dislike Fall so much. It's not because it's dark a lot, or the lack of activities, or even the weather. It's the morons who insist on using umbrellas. I do understand the reason for umbrellas, but people's decisions to use them shouldn't effect other pedestrians on the sidewalk. On my brief walk to pick up lunch today I was jabbed in the head/shoulder by at least 3 of them. The sidewalk is not wide enough for you to walk with your umbrella held at eye level while you stare at the ground infront of you. The worst is people who insist on walking underneath awnings with them, or the herd of umbrella walkers that try to force you to walk on the road. It wasn't even raining today...

Yeah, I'm grumpy. Didn't get enough sleep last night.


I second that. This morning I could hardly walk underneath the awning because of some woman and her gigantic umbrella.. that thing was like a house.

Posted by: Megs at October 19, 2005 5:34 PM
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