October 30, 2005

Well it's official, I'm going to Las Vegas for the American Thanksgiving. I'm working in Elko, Nevada earlier in the week, and so by paying for my flight to Vegas ($120) I end up getting a super cheap vacation out of the deal. Tom and Chad are going to fly down and meet me there. Bad danger lies ahead. It will be good to see the boys again, and hit the clubs down there. Obviously going to play some No Limit Hold'em, not a heck of a lot tho. We are either going to stay at the MGM or the Bellagio, not sure yet. As a side bonus I will be flying into Salt Lake City at least twice on my trip, so I will have plenty of time to pickup some garments from the Mormons.

In other news Dayna quit her job, which is great news. She has been taking on way too much lately (volunteering, school, field hockey, studying, etc) and so it will really help to keep her stress level down. She has a bunch of money squirreled away so she should be okay for a while.


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