Vegas Summary
November 30, 2005

After taking care of Dayna all Monday night, I was finally able to catch up on some sleep last night and am back to feeling human again. During that time Tom managed to post an entry summarizing the trip. Jump over to his blog and check it out.

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig
November 28, 2005

Vegas is over and I'm back at home. We met a lot of people, went to almost every nightclub, afterhours, casino, etc. There were a lot of good times/stories/memories had by all. The trip was exhausting, expensive, and very hard on my body. I definitely had a good time, but we just stayed too damn long. Everything is on such a large scale, expensive, fake, and impersonal. Halfway through the last night the magic of Vegas was gone, and we all just wanted to get out of the city as soon as we could.

I can't see myself going back for quite a while unless it's with Dayna and we see a show, the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, etc. I actually ended up approx $160 at poker, which was quite surprising considering the last two nights we were playing absolutely wasted, and Chad and I drank more than the other 9 people at the table combined.

I'll try to write more later, I'm exhausted and can't concentrate very well.

I didn't take my camera out a lot because Chad and Tom both had theirs, once I get their pictures I will update the gallery.

Poker Night #2
November 23, 2005

Well had the makings of a great night. After getting nothing but unplayable cards for an hour, and not even folding a winning hand I finally started to get some cards. Last night the table was packed, there was 8 people on the wait list, and the action was hot. Tonight there was a lot of empty seats, and things were a lot tighter.

I walked away pissed off, which probably isn't a good thing. The guy sitting after me folded out of turn when he was the big blind. The dealer allowed him to take his cards back (against the rules) and then I raised it the max with Ace King suited. A king came on the flop, nothing else worth mentioning. He flips over pocket Aces, I had a pair of Kings. I lost about $50 on that one hand, and to make matters worse, on the next hand another guy decides it's time to call it a night, which put the table down to 4 people. The casino will not keep the table going with less than 5, so I didn't have a chance to win any of my money back. Bad time to lose a big hand. I walked away down about $60 for the night, which put me at -$10 for two nights of poker. Factor in 3 free drinks a night (sucks to have to drive back to your hotel), about 30 bottles of water and the entertainment value and I think i did pretty damn well.

Nevada is the US's driest state, every day here there has been 0% humidity. Within the first hour or so I had chapped lips. I've been drinking water non stop, and I'm still constantly feeling like I need more.

Off to Vegas in 9 hours or so! I've got another night by myself as Tom and Chad don't arrive til Thursday. I'm staying at the Flamingo, which probably means more poker. Free drinks and friendly people, can't really go too wrong.

Live Casino Action
November 22, 2005

Well tonight I made my first ever trip to the Casino to play Texas Hold'em. I was pretty unfamiliar with the rules, as the table had a max raise of 10, and a few other strange rules that took a while to get used to. I was down to my last $20 (from $100) when I was dealt 66, the flop was 2 2 6, which means that I had flopped a full house. I tripled my money, and it was all smooth sailing from there on out. I lost 4 or 5 big pots to straights and flushes, but other than that I did pretty well. I walked away up $50 which sure beats sitting in the hotel watching TV. I also managed to meet about 8 people throughout the time I was there, one of which was the definition of the word "Cougar". She was about 35 or 40 and when she wasn't losing money on the table she was continually made jokes about how I didn't know her hotel room number yet..

I can't believe how busy Elko is, apparently there are $98 dollar flight + hotel packages from Spokane. The catch is before you can buy the package you have to show them that you have $350 cash to take with you, otherwise they won't sell it to you. Strange..

Work is going smoothly, I managed to configure the Cisco Wireless AP without much hassle, and they are being installed in the ceiling tomorrow morning.

All in all a good day.

Bad Craziness in Sheep Country
November 20, 2005

I'm holed up in the Hilton Garden Inn in Elko Nevada. I don't know much about Elko other than the fact that it's a small mining town in Nevada, there are casinos everywhere, and it's cold. The only logical thing to do was google the heck out of it to figure out how to spend my evenings when I'm not working in an attempt to ramp up for Las Vegas. If I simply stumble into Las Vegas without any type of preparation I'm done for. Vegas isn't a beast to be taken lightly, especially when you are there for 4 nights, and your companions are Tom and Chad. In my searches I came across Hunter S. Thompson's publication from 1992, Fear and Loathing in Elko. I had no idea that he wrote more than one Fear and Loathing book, or that Elko was so "famous". I forgot to bring a book with me, so I've now got some reading material for the night..

Vegas Baby, Vegas!
November 19, 2005

I'm off to Elko, Nevada tomorrow afternoon. It's going to be 3 days of cold temperatures, long hours, and uncomfortable hotel beds. There is light at the end of the tunnel though.. My flight was mysteriously rerouted through Vegas. I'm staying at the Flamingo Wednesday night, and then Tom and Chad are flying down and we're staying at the MGM until Sunday. It's American Thanksgiving, so it should be pretty crazy down there. Looking forward to it.

It's going to be great to see the Seattle boys again, hit the town in Vegas, and maybe play a hand of Poker or two. Stay tuned..

November 14, 2005

Dayna and I have now been dating for an amazing 4 years. This past Friday was our anniversary and it went off without a hitch. After looking at a variety of ideas (Vegas/San Francisco/Harrison) we decided to stay in this year. I cooked a nice dinner, we drank a couple bottles of wine, and finished it off with a chocolate fondu. Saturday we had planned to go to Blackcomb, but the snow that had been promised never materialized.

Here are a few pictures of the two of us in various places over the past 4 years:

Whistler Getaway
Oregon Coast
Harrison Lake
Birthday Cruise

Hopefully many more in the coming years!

Poker and Snow
November 7, 2005

Friday night the stars were aligned and I managed to win $240 and my first "real life" poker tournament. Ten of us played a No Limit Hold'em tournament at Cindy/Ash/Craig's place for about 5.5 hours. We decided on one $20 buyback, or one $10 add on. It seems that whenever there is a buyback I play hands that I shouldn't, as I know I can just buy back in and try again. Once I was on my second $20 I started getting some big hands, I got dealt KK (2 Kings), AQ Hearts, 99 (9's), a shitty hand, and then KK again all in a row. I was short stacked at the time, so after a few All-ins I was back in the hunt. To make a long story short, later on I was forced all in with top pair (horrible kicker) and an open ended straight draw vs top pair with a monster kicker. I hit the straight on the river and became the chip leader. I was about as lucky as you can get for the last half of the night. I was All-In with the weaker hand preflop a couple times; however, I typically got one of my outs on the first card of the flop to win the hand. It was a great time, and unreal to finally win something after being so close so many times.

Saturday morning was just as sweet, I rolled over in bed and looked out my window only to discover that I can see Grouse Mountain while I lie in bed. The best part is, it was covered in white fluffy snow. Funny that I've never noticed before now. Dayna and I are probably going riding this Saturday up at Blackcomb. The mountains are opening extremely early this year; hopefully they go strong all year instead of teasing us early in the season as they have the last few years.

edit: added layman's terms for speedo


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