Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig
November 28, 2005

Vegas is over and I'm back at home. We met a lot of people, went to almost every nightclub, afterhours, casino, etc. There were a lot of good times/stories/memories had by all. The trip was exhausting, expensive, and very hard on my body. I definitely had a good time, but we just stayed too damn long. Everything is on such a large scale, expensive, fake, and impersonal. Halfway through the last night the magic of Vegas was gone, and we all just wanted to get out of the city as soon as we could.

I can't see myself going back for quite a while unless it's with Dayna and we see a show, the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, etc. I actually ended up approx $160 at poker, which was quite surprising considering the last two nights we were playing absolutely wasted, and Chad and I drank more than the other 9 people at the table combined.

I'll try to write more later, I'm exhausted and can't concentrate very well.

I didn't take my camera out a lot because Chad and Tom both had theirs, once I get their pictures I will update the gallery.


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