Poker and Snow
November 7, 2005

Friday night the stars were aligned and I managed to win $240 and my first "real life" poker tournament. Ten of us played a No Limit Hold'em tournament at Cindy/Ash/Craig's place for about 5.5 hours. We decided on one $20 buyback, or one $10 add on. It seems that whenever there is a buyback I play hands that I shouldn't, as I know I can just buy back in and try again. Once I was on my second $20 I started getting some big hands, I got dealt KK (2 Kings), AQ Hearts, 99 (9's), a shitty hand, and then KK again all in a row. I was short stacked at the time, so after a few All-ins I was back in the hunt. To make a long story short, later on I was forced all in with top pair (horrible kicker) and an open ended straight draw vs top pair with a monster kicker. I hit the straight on the river and became the chip leader. I was about as lucky as you can get for the last half of the night. I was All-In with the weaker hand preflop a couple times; however, I typically got one of my outs on the first card of the flop to win the hand. It was a great time, and unreal to finally win something after being so close so many times.

Saturday morning was just as sweet, I rolled over in bed and looked out my window only to discover that I can see Grouse Mountain while I lie in bed. The best part is, it was covered in white fluffy snow. Funny that I've never noticed before now. Dayna and I are probably going riding this Saturday up at Blackcomb. The mountains are opening extremely early this year; hopefully they go strong all year instead of teasing us early in the season as they have the last few years.

edit: added layman's terms for speedo


what the hell does all that fancy nonsense mean, i don't think you put how much you won in there but maybe it's just mixed up in all the jingo jango

can you (in laymans terms) please disclose the amount of your winnings?

Posted by: speedo at November 7, 2005 10:34 AM
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nice work, lady luck was with you. agreed with speedo, thanks for the clarifications and disclosures. makes for much better journalism.

Posted by: tom at November 7, 2005 1:21 PM
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