Poker Night #2
November 23, 2005

Well had the makings of a great night. After getting nothing but unplayable cards for an hour, and not even folding a winning hand I finally started to get some cards. Last night the table was packed, there was 8 people on the wait list, and the action was hot. Tonight there was a lot of empty seats, and things were a lot tighter.

I walked away pissed off, which probably isn't a good thing. The guy sitting after me folded out of turn when he was the big blind. The dealer allowed him to take his cards back (against the rules) and then I raised it the max with Ace King suited. A king came on the flop, nothing else worth mentioning. He flips over pocket Aces, I had a pair of Kings. I lost about $50 on that one hand, and to make matters worse, on the next hand another guy decides it's time to call it a night, which put the table down to 4 people. The casino will not keep the table going with less than 5, so I didn't have a chance to win any of my money back. Bad time to lose a big hand. I walked away down about $60 for the night, which put me at -$10 for two nights of poker. Factor in 3 free drinks a night (sucks to have to drive back to your hotel), about 30 bottles of water and the entertainment value and I think i did pretty damn well.

Nevada is the US's driest state, every day here there has been 0% humidity. Within the first hour or so I had chapped lips. I've been drinking water non stop, and I'm still constantly feeling like I need more.

Off to Vegas in 9 hours or so! I've got another night by myself as Tom and Chad don't arrive til Thursday. I'm staying at the Flamingo, which probably means more poker. Free drinks and friendly people, can't really go too wrong.


That's BS that the dealer allowed that guy back in the hand.

Posted by: skarb at November 23, 2005 9:37 AM
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you said "flop had nothing worth mentioning", why did the guy fold pocket aces? a shitty tactic to make you go all in against an unbeatable hand? thats SHADY I would have got angry about that if it cost me $50. Rules are rules.

I'm off to the gym now.. but I'll buy you a drink to smooth over your sorrows. Meet me in las vegas around, say, 11am tomorrow morning?

Posted by: tom at November 23, 2005 4:06 PM
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