December 31, 2005

We had an interior designer come over the week before Christmas, and she went through the place and worked with us to pick colors for the remaining rooms and hallways that needed to be painted. I have to say, it made picking colors way easier. Boxing day we decided that we should get started, as we have a bunch of days off in a row. It's been a hellish few days, but we managed to get our bedroom, the bathroom, and the halls done. The bedroom is two colors of green (we now have an "Accent Wall" apparently), the hallways are "Roxbury Caramel", and the bathroom is beige. We also installed new hardware in the bathroom, and new 2" white custom blinds in the living room. So far everything looks so much better and homey. It's nice to get away from the "appartment white" look. We still need to buy shades for our bedroom, and curtains for the sliding glass door, but we're a lot farther ahead now than we were last week!

Santa Wuz Here
December 28, 2005

Christmas has come and gone, and it was a huge success. I was lucky enough to have two turkey dinners. Christmas Eve was spent at Dayna's parent's house in Chilliwack, and as always her mom outdid herself with a huge turkey dinner with all the fixings. After spending the day with Dayna's family (and being spoiled by them) we rushed home to meet up with my parents who were staying at our place for Christmas. My brother and his wife Sara came by at around 10am on Christmas Day, Dayna made us all waffles for breakfast, and then we tore into the gifts (which took a while, there were LOTS of them!). Dayna then cooked an amazing Christmas Dinner, with some help from my mom, and then we finished the night off with a game of Poker of course. We spent Boxing Day at Pete's in-laws, which thankfully was no where near the malls. I'll take Boxing Day with the family over shopping any day.

I hope everyone had an equally great Christmas, that's all for now!

Happy Birthday Dayna!
December 11, 2005

By the time you read this it will be Dayna's 22nd birthday. Her parents spent the day with us today, and we went to Havana on Commercial for a very nice dinner, and then had ice cream cake back at our house. Going to keep it short as I'm exhausted, but make sure you send her an email! If you need her address let me know (not going to post it here to avoid getting her spammed).

Strata President?!
December 7, 2005

Monday was Frances Manor's (where we live) annual General Meeting. This is the one strata meeting that you apparently don't want to miss. The budget is approved, and any major decisions (changing rental policy, pet policies, etc) are voted on. At the end of the meeting the previous year's council is dissolved and a new council is voted in. In a strange turn of events I was voted in as the new strata president. I'm not sure if this was just a 'no one else wants the job so lets nominate the new guy' or what. Regardless it should be interesting and it's only one evening per month so it shouldn't be a big deal. What better way to take care of your investment than be on the strata council I guess. Everyone that is on the council is relatively young, and speaks good english (hard to come by on a strata in Vancouver apparently) so it should go pretty well. We'll soon see, first meeting is in January.

Oh Christmas...
December 2, 2005

It seems that every year Christmas gets a bit more complicated and stressful. My brother and his wife have moved to Kitimat in the last while and so we see them once a year or so, and my parents live on Vancouver Island so we don't see them as often as I would like either. This makes buying Christmas presents increasingly difficult, I really do love buying presents for people, but I hate giving people generic gifts, or things that they may have already.

This year is the first year that Dayna and I will be hosting Christmas at our house. We're going to her parents house on Christmas Eve, and then coming back home later that night. My parents are staying the night at our place, and Pete & Sara are coming Christmas morning. We went out and bought an artificial tree (Strata rules don't allow real trees) and Dayna's been stocking up on decorations. Hopefully all goes well! I can't wait for rum and eggnogs!


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