December 31, 2005

We had an interior designer come over the week before Christmas, and she went through the place and worked with us to pick colors for the remaining rooms and hallways that needed to be painted. I have to say, it made picking colors way easier. Boxing day we decided that we should get started, as we have a bunch of days off in a row. It's been a hellish few days, but we managed to get our bedroom, the bathroom, and the halls done. The bedroom is two colors of green (we now have an "Accent Wall" apparently), the hallways are "Roxbury Caramel", and the bathroom is beige. We also installed new hardware in the bathroom, and new 2" white custom blinds in the living room. So far everything looks so much better and homey. It's nice to get away from the "appartment white" look. We still need to buy shades for our bedroom, and curtains for the sliding glass door, but we're a lot farther ahead now than we were last week!


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