Tom's Bday Bonanza
January 23, 2006

I was down in Washington this past weekend staying in a Chalet (well it was actually more of a 'Crib') for Tom's 26th birthday. The cabin comfortably fit 15 of us with room for more. We were all well fed by Pat (meatloaf) and Erik (spaghetti) and we all made sure to stay hydrated by drinking as much as possible and canon balling into the hot tub only to be followed by a chocolate cake slap fight. I felt surpisingly good this morning considering that we spent two days riding hard after very little sleep.

It was my first time up Mt Baker, and my first time wearing a neon pink one piece ski suit (including belt). Pictures to follow as soon as I can steal them off Erik/Tom's sites. I didn't realize Baker was so close, and will be spending more of my free weekends there. Props to Tom for organizing the weekend.

Fill Their Room...
January 13, 2006

My cousin and her friends came up with a pretty neat idea, charge random people money to put blocks of lego in your bedroom, take pictures of it, and then put the pictures on the internet. Her site is Go check it out, and donate! It's a pretty neat idea in that people are esentially giving them money to buy lego. There have been other sites that are similar to this, and it never ceases to amaze me how many people donate money to them. My favorite so far is Save Toby and The Million Dollar Homepage (yes the guy did make $1,000,000 by selling ads).

Painting Tip!
January 12, 2006

We have been struggling to get the last of the painting done at our place. The orange doors take 5+ coats of paint/primer, and you have to take them off, and lie them on the ground before you can put on a coat of paint. Living in a condo definitely does not help as we only have one area designated for painting, and there's only room for two doors at a time there. Also you can't just take your rollers outside and spray them off, you have to clean them in the kitchen/bathroom sink.

There is a solution! Dayna's mom recently told us about a trick for the rollers.. you just wrap them in tinfoil and put them in the fridge! No cleanup means that we can slap another coat of paint on the doors, and walk away. It's a wonderful wonderful thing.

New Years 2006
January 3, 2006

Dayna and I spent New Years on Quadra Island with Gayle, Speedo, his sister Dana, her boyfrind Adam, and their friends Tamara, Brooke, and Joe. After struggling for about an hour with the wind and rain to get a fire going, we finally got a huge bonfire going (without using gas), and the gods co-operated by providing us with a cloudless, dry New Years filled with champagne drinking contests, misuse of semi legal fireworks, drinking games, and all around good times. It was great to see Speedo, Gayle, and the rest of the group again.

Thanks to speedo for tipping me off that comments on my photos page had been broken for some time. They have now been fixed by a new version of Gallery.

A year in review, and New Years Resolutions to come soon...

Through the ages

I don't have New Years pictures yet as they are on Speedo's camera, so I thought I would put up some other pictures to fill the void. I scanned a few of my "growing up" pictures from the album my parents made for me, and have added them to my gallery. Have a look see, I will continue to add more as I get a chance.

New Years posting as soon as I get pictures to go along with it..


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