New Years 2006
January 3, 2006

Dayna and I spent New Years on Quadra Island with Gayle, Speedo, his sister Dana, her boyfrind Adam, and their friends Tamara, Brooke, and Joe. After struggling for about an hour with the wind and rain to get a fire going, we finally got a huge bonfire going (without using gas), and the gods co-operated by providing us with a cloudless, dry New Years filled with champagne drinking contests, misuse of semi legal fireworks, drinking games, and all around good times. It was great to see Speedo, Gayle, and the rest of the group again.

Thanks to speedo for tipping me off that comments on my photos page had been broken for some time. They have now been fixed by a new version of Gallery.

A year in review, and New Years Resolutions to come soon...


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