A very productive Saturday
February 5, 2006

Saturday morning Dayna and I headed to Richmond to have lunch with my parents before they flew off to see my Grandma in Arizona. Well actually they were flying to Las Vegas, and then driving to Phoenix as it was actually cheaper to fly to Las Vegas and rent a car for 10 days than it was to fly direct to Phoenix. It was really great to see them again, even if it was only for an hour or so. The timing couldn't have been better, their flight left at 2, and Dayna had to be at her fieldhockey game in Richmond by 1:45.

Fieldhockey in Richmond is one of my least favorite things. It's so flat there that the wind just howls across the field; combine that with rain and you have Saturday afternoon. It turned out okay tho as I got to see Dayna score a goal (her second ever, both with the new stick I got her for her birthday) over the goalie's left shoulder and into the top corner. This may sound like no amazing feat, but I've watched ten or so games now, and no one has ever scored a goal that is more than a foot or so off the ground. It was pretty neat to see. They won the game 3 - 0, and have won every game I've watched, so maybe I'm good luck.

We've been strugginlng to find a light fixture for our dining room over the past two months or so. The stores we've been to have either been way too expensive, or have almost no selection. Richmond solved all that. It is apparently the lighting capital of the lower mainland. There are ten lighting stores within five blocks, which made shopping a LOT easier. After visiting a few stores we finally found a new light fixture for our dining room, and new curtains for the living room. By the end of today we should be completely done our renovations! No more painting, wiring, drilling, or plumbing for a while hopefully! We still have to buy plants and paintings, but those are minor issues. We've been pretty low key about inviting people over as we have plastic drop sheets and paint cans everywhere, but that should all change in the near future.


Lowes in Seattle has a great selection of lights, cheap. A fixture like taht would cost about $50 (I just replaced ALL the remaining fixtures in my hallways, about 5 in total, and installed a ceiling fan in my bedroom).
how much were those curtains? they're pretty sweet. i want to get some more for my house. curtains are soo expensive though.. :|

Posted by: tom at February 6, 2006 11:49 AM
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