Um... woops
February 3, 2006

Apparently you have to write in this thing from time to time. I've been working quite a bit lately, and we're getting closer and closer to having our place fully reno'd. The second bedroom is now done, Dayna slapped on two coats of paint while I was at work on Tuesday, and then we put it back together later that night. The new blinds make quite a big difference. In a day, Dayna went from hating that room to thinking it is her favorite.

We finally got up Mount Seymour last night, the snow was really fast, combine that with my new wax job (thanks Erik and Chad) and it was a great night. It started to snow near the end of the night and it softened things up. Was good to ride with Dayna again too. Hopefully we can get up there more often. Now if only I can find a girl that will "lose" her seasons pass so Dayna can use it.


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