To Ladysmith We Go!
March 3, 2006

Ladysmith South Africa that is. I have almost certainly secured a six week contract in South Africa from April 14 until May 22. Luckily this falls right in the middle of Dayna's semester break so I am going to fly her to Capetown for 10 days. Her ticket actually allows her to spend a day in Frankfurt, Germany on her way home as well. Lucky girl. I purchased her ticket today and my travel agent says that it's the cheapest ticket to South Africa that she's ever sold ($1100 plus tax). Needless to say we're both very excited.

In preparation I had to renew my passport. Man what a process that is. The picture isn't much more than a mugshot. You aren't allowed to smile, or have any glare whatsoever on your picture. I had to get 4 different pictures taken before they finally accepted one.

A couple suggestions for anyone renewing their passport: Fill out the form online and find a photographer that has Photoshop. There is typically a 2.5 hour lineup at the passport office, if you use the online form your wait is less than 10 minutes. The place I went to get my picture taken was just a guy with a Poloroid, and he kept taking picture after picture trying to get it right. They are so picky it's unreal. Apparently a lot of shops are thinking of increasing their rates for Canadian passport photos because of the problems.


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