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May 2, 2006

Dayna in enroute back to Vancouver, and I am back in Joburg. We had an amazing 10 days together in Cape Town. I'm not sure how most people spend their vacations, but ours was spent getting up at 7:30am and trying to cram as much in as we possibly could. We drove almost 3000kms around the Cape region in total, and saw penguins, baboons, elephants, giraffes, rhinos, buffalo, rode ostriches and much more. Table Mountain was my personal favorite, but the coastal roads, wineries, and wild life was exceptional. It was a new experience vacationing to a primarily english speaking country, and I missed trying to have conversations with people who had no idea what you were saying, but other than that everything was perfect. Dayna should be home soon, and once she is I'll be able to post more pictures, etc.

Oh.. and I've managed to join an Ultimate league here in Johannesburg! Working 24x7 and eating restaurant food the whole trip is quite gross. Ultimate Tuesdays and Thursdays will help offset that hopefully.


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