May 2, 2006

Well I've had to keep it somewhat of a secret for the past few days as Dayna wanted to surprise a few people, but on April 26 I asked Dayna to marry me!

I've been telling everyone (including Dayna) for quite some time now that there's no rush and that I hadn't even thought about getting engaged. Dayna and I also agreed that we'd talk about it after she graduated. Well truth be told I've been trying to figure out an exciting way to ask her, and I wanted to make sure that I kept it a surprise, to her and to everyone else. Everyone does it differently, but I wanted to make it as romantic as I could by picking a ring for her, asking her parents permission, getting down on a knee, and have her be absolutely flabbergasted. Well it worked! She said yes straight away, but was so in shock it took her about 2 hours to clue in to the fact that it meant that a wedding went along with it, and only then because I asked her when she wanted to get married.

We had originally been loosely planning a trip to Bermuda or somewhere else warm for the last week in April when I was informed that I would be working in South Africa for 6 weeks. My manager said it would be no problem if I took 10 days holidays right at the beginning, which matched up perfectly with the 3 week break that Dayna got between semesters. The only logical thing to do was fly her to Cape Town and propose there instead. How many people get engaged 16000 kms away from home after all? It was a bit stressful transporting the ring that far, and even more stressful leaving it in my hotel room after hearing so many stories about things mysteriously going missing in Joburg, but it all worked out and I got it to Cape Town safe and sound.

I wanted to propose on the frist day she arrived to make the rest of the trip extra special, the problem was that it was overcast and rainy. When it's cloudy you can't see anything at all from the top of Table Mountain, and I had decided that it was the best spot. It took a few days for the weather to clear up, but by Wednesday it was back to 30 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. We got up nice and early and caught the tram up to the top of the mountain. I wanted to get there before the tour buses and hordes of people did, and it worked out perfectly. I was expecting something like Sugar Loaf in Rio where you have a small viewing area, whereas you can actually walk all the way around the entire mountain, and it was easy to find an amazing lookout where there was no one around. I set up my camera as if I was taking a picture on timer mode, turned it to video, and recorded the whole thing! The video is huge, and the internet sucks in South Africa, so here's a panoramic picture taken from where I proposed.

No we haven't picked a date yet. Dayna finds out in September if she gets into PDP (her teaching program) next year. If she does, then it will be sometime in the summer of 2008. If she doesn't then it most likely been "next summer" as Brad predicted.


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