Work and Play
May 11, 2006

I've been working extremely long hours of late, but have been sneaking away on Tuesday and Thursday evenings to play ultimate. I'm not sure if I've 'blogged' this or not but the quality of play is really good. Last week was the 'most players ever' at 24, and then this week blew that out of the water when 41 people showed up. I am the captain of Team Black, and although we got absolutely crushed the first game I think that we'll do well in the long run. By the time I get back to Vancouver I should be back in decent shape. Johannesburg is slightly more than a mile above sea level and apparently that helps..

I have to say that if you like food, then you have to come to South Africa. The price of things like clothes, etc is the same price, but food is dirt co-workers and I have been eating like kings! Tomorrow night we're going out for a really nice dinner and a wine tasting, can't wait. Get to see Pam (of Hamilton and Pam fame) again as well. It's great to have such enthusiastic tour guides.

The project I'm working on has been pushed back by a week so it looks like I'll be here until at least June, it's tough being away, but Skypemakes things easier.


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