Santiago de Chile
September 25, 2006

Tomorrow afternoon I'm flying to Santiago for work. It's going to be a three week crash course in Spanish, as I'll be basically the only person in the office that speaks English. I'm going to take a spanish text book with me and try to learn as much as I can when I'm not working. The weather down there yesterday was 29 degrees, so it should be great to see Santiago in the summer (Dayna and I were there last fall).

I was given my Great Uncle Doug's desk a few weeks ago, and just completed refinishing it. The desk had a number of rings, dings, and pits to it, but after sanding it down, restaining, and a couple coats of polyurethane it looks as good as new.

Since I'll be in away I'll be missing the first few weeks of the NHL regular season which really sucks (especially as I missed the playoffs last year). To avoid going too long without hockey Dayna and I picked up scalper tickets to the preseason game on Sunday. It was great to see Luongo in a Canucks uniform, and I can't wait for the season and my hockey pools to get started.

Ciao for now.

Japanese Birthcontrol?
September 20, 2006

Lanny sends me a lot of funny emails, but this one takes the cake.

I'm not sure if there's a population problem in Japan, but this would be a good way to help slow it. Even if they're wearing jocks that'd still hurt like hell..

September 19, 2006

Holy crap! I just got back from my first week of dodgeball and it kicks serious ass. There's nothing quite like throwing a ball as hard as you can at a complete stranger. It's quite the rush, and there's way more running and dodging than I expected. I'm co-captain of a team, and when we put our heads together trying to figure out a good name that involved bouncing balls off people's foreheads we finally came up with:

"The Bostoners".

Most of the teams in the league have pretty crappy names so I'm pretty happy that we managed to come up with something dirty and dodgeball related.

Sunny Summer Summary
September 18, 2006

Labour Day has come and gone, and I've put my white pants away until spring. Every year summer seems to go by faster and faster and this year was no exception. Here's a brief synopsis of what happened this summer:

Dayna and I spent an amazing week with her whole family in Vernon, where her parents completely spoiled us. We stayed in a house on the lake, and did nothing but relax the whole time. I went wakeboarding every day, played tennis, golf, went on a wine tour by limo, and tonnes more. It was a great laid back week.

Labour Day my parents lent me their boat and the keys to their cabin, and Dayna, Speedo, Gayle, and I spent the weekend on Ruxton. We played a lot of cards, visited with neighbors, went fishing, ate fresh crab, and visited nearby islands.

Last Saturday was Man Day (you may have seen the banner on the Burrard Street bridge) as well as Radfest. I can't really put these two events into words, but am trying to obtain pictures. Stay posted.

My volleyball league is officially over and so it was time to take on a new sport. Dodgeball!. A buddy of mine started a team, and the first games are this week. I can't wait to get out there and get out some agression. I'll try to post pics after tuesday. Our team name is "The Boston Teabaggers". We're going to be bouncing balls off our opponent's heads, so I think it's pretty appropriate.

I spent this past weekend on Quadra for speedo's 28th birthday. The weather was surprisingly good on Saturday and I even managed to get a sunburn. In typical Quadra fashion I managed to: play horseshoes, lose a disc playing frolf, get really drunk, pass out by the fire, and almost finish a book. A group of us avoided the ferry mess by flying to Nanaimo and renting a car, it worked out amazingly well. Budget even picked us up from the seaplane terminal, and dropped us off at the ferry afterwards.

I hate summary posts, and I'm sure I missed some important details but now that the leaves are changing colours and Null Season is upon us I'll be sure to post more.

End of Scattered Summary

September 13, 2006

Yes I realize that I am about 20 entries behind, but I'm lazy, it's summer, and the dog ate my homework. I'll post a summary at some point, but for now there's bigger news..

Dayna has been accepted to the PDP (teaching) program at SFU starting in January. This is huge news because she finishes her degree in December and won't have to wait until Sept 2007 or Jan 2008 to start the last ten months of classes.



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