October 26, 2006

Halloween parties start tomorrow, and yet again I'm stuck without a costume. It's pretty hard to top the dirty old man with sexy nurse idea that Dayna and I had a few years ago.. but I've been doing some quick research so I haven't given up hope yet.. In my stroll around the interweb I came across a site that had the 10 worst halloween costumes ever and some wicked pet costumes.

New Pictures
October 24, 2006

Well to make up for my slack assed blogging I thought I'd upload some pictures to the Gallery. These are the pictures from Bruno and my night out in Valparaiso, Chile. We met four great people in our hostel, and then a bunch more at a local pub and spent the night galavanting around town with them all. I'm pretty sure I already mentioned this in a previous post, so I'll stop babbeling and get to the goods. My camera wasn't working (thought to be a dead battery, later discovered to be a dead camera), but luckily a girl we met was nice enough to email me the pictures she took, so here they are in all their 640x480 glory.

No Turkey, just Chile
October 10, 2006

Bruno from Brazil and I finished working at 6:30pm on Saturday night, and spontaneously jumped on a bus to Valparaíso. We had a reservation at a hostel, but because we showed up at 10pm they had given away our rooms. It being a long weekend in Chile as well, this wasn't a good thing. We ended up sharing a tiny room in another hostel that only had one tiny bed. Thankfully I am blessed with knowledge of the "AVALANCHE" which has yet to let me down (nothing beats rock). I of course won the bed while Bruno slept on the floor.

We met a bushel of cool people (some of which thankfully spoke english) and partied past sunrise. After an hour or so of sleep we jumped on a bus, and were back in Santiago by 10:30am so that Bruno could catch his flight at 2pm (which it turns out was actually on Tuesday at 2pm). My camera battery was dead, but I gave my email address out, and have been promised pictures soon.

Dayna's mom has promised to save me some leftovers, and my parents are going to be in Vancouver in the next few weeks for a visit, so I won't completely miss the spirit of Thanksgiving.

Baby Football!
October 5, 2006

Things are going great down here in Chile. We're getting lots of work done, and there's been time left over for cervezas and soccer. Last night we played a game of baby football (5 on 5 indoor soccer). I haven't played soccer in 7 years or so, but managed to score and set up a good share of the goals. Afterwards we went to a pub and watched Colo Colo beat Costa Rica 4 - 0. It was a great atmosphere to watch a game, with lots of chanting, and toasting. It almost made me forget that I was missing opening night of the NHL. The "new look" Canucks play their first game tonight, I'll be "watching" the game progress on the internet.

Hola de Santiago
October 2, 2006

I've been in Chile for about a week now, and things have progressively gotten better every day. I've never been alone in a Country where no one speaks my language before, and I have to admit it was tougher and lonelier than I expected. After the first day or so it got better quickly though, now I've gotten into a bit of a groove and things are smooth sailing.

I've been working 9-6 and then either wandering around Chile, or going out for drinks with people from work. So far this has probably been the best business trip I've been on: not too long, lots of time to get things done, and hot sunny weather everyday.

Yesterday I met up with my buddy Ryan, and drank a few mini bar beers while he picked his hockey pool. He's headed up to to Chuquicamata, but should back in time for some Pisco Sours on Friday.


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