Hola de Santiago
October 2, 2006

I've been in Chile for about a week now, and things have progressively gotten better every day. I've never been alone in a Country where no one speaks my language before, and I have to admit it was tougher and lonelier than I expected. After the first day or so it got better quickly though, now I've gotten into a bit of a groove and things are smooth sailing.

I've been working 9-6 and then either wandering around Chile, or going out for drinks with people from work. So far this has probably been the best business trip I've been on: not too long, lots of time to get things done, and hot sunny weather everyday.

Yesterday I met up with my buddy Ryan, and drank a few mini bar beers while he picked his hockey pool. He's headed up to to Chuquicamata, but should back in time for some Pisco Sours on Friday.


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