No Turkey, just Chile
October 10, 2006

Bruno from Brazil and I finished working at 6:30pm on Saturday night, and spontaneously jumped on a bus to Valparaíso. We had a reservation at a hostel, but because we showed up at 10pm they had given away our rooms. It being a long weekend in Chile as well, this wasn't a good thing. We ended up sharing a tiny room in another hostel that only had one tiny bed. Thankfully I am blessed with knowledge of the "AVALANCHE" which has yet to let me down (nothing beats rock). I of course won the bed while Bruno slept on the floor.

We met a bushel of cool people (some of which thankfully spoke english) and partied past sunrise. After an hour or so of sleep we jumped on a bus, and were back in Santiago by 10:30am so that Bruno could catch his flight at 2pm (which it turns out was actually on Tuesday at 2pm). My camera battery was dead, but I gave my email address out, and have been promised pictures soon.

Dayna's mom has promised to save me some leftovers, and my parents are going to be in Vancouver in the next few weeks for a visit, so I won't completely miss the spirit of Thanksgiving.


I also use the avalanche it, has rarely failed me. But what happens when 2 avalanches collide? Sand?

Posted by: tom at October 11, 2006 2:56 PM
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There is an alternate version of 'avalanche'. It's very effective, dare I so more so than the conventional. You must be curious what it is, so I will tell you.
You hit your opponent in the head with a rock, 3 times. The upside of this technique over the conventional 'avalanche' is you will never have to play the game again, you have automatically won all future battles.

Posted by: tom at October 11, 2006 3:02 PM
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