Airlines Suck
November 2, 2006

Background info:

- I'm flying to Tucson on Friday via Phoenix
- I don't have to work in Tucson until Monday
- My grandma lives in Phoenix and Dayna and I are going to spend the weekend with her
- It's $65 cheaper to rent a car in Phoenix and return it in Tucson (120 miles away) than to rent a car in Tucson and return it in Tucson
- The America West employee I spoke to called Tucson "Tuk Sun"

My beefs:

- If I was to simply skip my flight from Phoenix to Tucson, they would automatically cancel my nonrefundable return flight
- Due to the airline's policies, it costs me $123 more to take one less flight (which is valued at $205).

I realize that this is nothing like the problems that Tom had, but it's still frustrating. It seems like every airline except Westjet is doing their best to irritate their customers.


bizzare.. never heard of airlines cancelling return trips if you miss a leg if your to- flight. you might wanna call back and verify.

say hi to grandma for me, you should stop by the local INS shop and get citizenship while you're at it?

Posted by: tom at November 2, 2006 3:44 PM
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