Compressed Christmas
December 5, 2006

Christmas is going to be a bit hectic, as we're doing things a little bit differently this year, We're starting early and having xmas dinner with Dayna's family on Dec 13 because her sister is spending Christmas in Australia with her boyfriend. Then we're off to the island on the 15 to see my parents for our second early xmas. Then finally we're spending the real xmas in Kamloops with Dayna's whole family (which means snowboarding on sunpeaks!). Last but not least, my brother and his wife live up in Kitimat so we've got to get their gift shipped out early enough for it to arrive on time. I guess it's time I started shopping...

On the topic of shopping I broke the one cardinal rule of Christmas shopping yesterday: Never buy something for yourself in December. Option-NFA had a warehouse sale, and I managed to pick up a new board and a new jacket. Will be great to have new gear finally as my old jacket was getting pretty old and heavy.


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