Still Kickin'
January 30, 2007

I'm not dead, and I don't hate you, I just got busy and extremely good at making excuses to not post anything here for a while, so you get a summary post.

- Christmas in Vancouver/Ladysmith/Kamloops was great. I met some more of Dayna's family, drank a bunch, and won a whopping $1.25 at darts.

- New Years was equally great, hung out with some close friends in Tofino, drank champagne at midnight, watched 2/3 of the Godfather trilogy, and blew up a lot of fireworks. Skarb has pictures here.

- Dayna has started her PDP program and is absolutely loving it. Everyone in her class has worked extremely hard to be there, and they are all great people by the sounds of things. On Monday she started her practicum, and the kids all call her "Miss McGrath" (not for long though, 8 months until she's Mrs. Mottishaw)

- Tom turned older, and we had a manly celebration. They rented a room at the Fairmont, and we all dressed in suits and hit the clubs. Erik has pictures.

- We have booked our honeymoon, and will be spending a week in Nova Scotia and PEI. It didn't make sense to head somewhere tropical in late August. We've also never been to Eastern Canada, and PEI has some amazing beaches.

- I spent last weekend down at Mount Baker with Ryan/Angele and crew. It was amazingly sunny and icy, but the pre/post party made it more than worthwhile. Ryan and I swapped gear after lunch for a few runs and I tried skiing for the first time. It was fun to try planks and sticks. I did pretty well, and managed to avoid snowplowing and figure out turning/stopping. I should be uploading pictures soon.

That about brings everyone up to date. I've missed a few things, but at least I finally made it to 2007.


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