The Sun Doth Shine
February 20, 2007

I learned recently to never let your license expire as cmac had to make an emergency drivers test appointment in Victoria this past weekend. We watched the Canucks game with Damien, and then Dayna's sister came and met us for a drink. The next day we went for lunch with speedo, cmac passed his test and now I'm back in Vancouver. All in all it worked out pretty well, a pretty good way to spend a Sunday night.

Tomorrow Speedo and I are headed to the Tenacious D concert at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. It should be amazingly wicked and I can't wait.

Erik and Tom both posted to their blogs after I mentioned that everyone seemed to be in hibernation mode, and now it's a sunny Monday, and apparently it's snowing like crazy up at Whistler. I think that between us we managed to lift the curse..


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