Ankara First Impressions
June 12, 2007

Upon arriving in Turkey all Canadians have to purchase a visa, and it must be paid for in cash. I wasn't carrying cash, which worked out pretty well for me: I was escorted past the lineup at passport control to a bank machine, I paid the man, and was on my way. No delays or lineups, not even a cavity search. I haven't had a lot of time to get out and about in Ankara, but what I have seen has been great. The food here is excellent, and the people are very friendly. There is an unusually large ratio of good looking women here, which is especially strange considering that most of the old women are four feet tall and roundish. The population of Ankara is mainly (90% I was told) Muslim. Five times a day there is a "call to prayer" (sweet wav file included) that can clearly be heard throughout the city. The first time I heard this I was in a taxi with a Mosque on one side of the car, and transvestite prostitutes on the other. Strange to say the least. There has been alcohol in most of the restaurants I've been to, and there is a stocked mini bar in my room. I had assumed before coming here that things would be more uptight and there wouldn't be alcohol and the like..

Anyways things are going well, working lots and the weather's great.


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