New Condo!
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Front view, the small "house" is the entrance way
Front view, the small "house" is the entrance way *
Viewed: 11954 times.
Mountain and Port View
Mountain and Port View *
Viewed: 13319 times.
Kitchen Before
Kitchen Before *
Viewed: 9634 times.
Kitchen After
Kitchen After
Viewed: 7371 times.
More Kitchen Before
More Kitchen Before
Viewed: 7493 times.
More Kitchen After
More Kitchen After *
Viewed: 8835 times.
Living Room Before
Living Room Before *
Viewed: 9169 times.
Living Room After
Living Room After *
Viewed: 13489 times.
Entrance way Before
Entrance way Before *
Viewed: 10123 times.
Dining Room Before
Dining Room Before *
Viewed: 11393 times.
Balcony Before
Balcony Before *
Viewed: 14825 times.
Balcony After
Balcony After *
Viewed: 14628 times.
Bathroom Before
Bathroom Before *
Viewed: 15172 times.
Bathroom After
Bathroom After
Viewed: 8272 times.
New Medicine Cabinet
New Medicine Cabinet *
Viewed: 14765 times.
Second Bedroom Before
Second Bedroom Before
Viewed: 8029 times.
Second Bedroom After
Second Bedroom After
Viewed: 8224 times.
My new desk and monitor
My new desk and monitor *
Viewed: 14152 times.
Bedroom Before
Bedroom Before *
Viewed: 8924 times.
Bedroom After
Bedroom After *
Viewed: 9004 times.
Walkin Closet (Bedroom)
Walkin Closet (Bedroom) *
Viewed: 9588 times.
IMG 8663
IMG 8663 *
Viewed: 10398 times.
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